Fun DIY Projects to Make with Your Girlfriends

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Today we have a guest post from our friend Kacey.  I hope you enjoy!

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Hanging out with your friends is what you look forward to all week. There’s nothing like having a great time out with people you love while you have fun making memories together. The only part that isn’t very fun on afternoons or nights like these is the price tag that often accompanies your social outings. It can be discouraging, or even make you cancel or turn away plans because you just don’t have the funds to go out with everyone.

The next time you find yourself in a situation like this, consider asking everyone to do some fun DIY projects instead of the usual dinner or movie date. You’ll all enjoy laughing together over figuring out the project, and then you’ll walk home with a physical representation of the memories you made. Don’t know what those projects could be? Read up on some easy examples that might lead you and your best girlfriends to one of the best nights of your lives.

Inspirational Quote Board


Everyone loves a word of encouragement from the people they care about, so why not get all your friends together and put their wisdom up so you can see it every day? Quote boards are a great way to inspire you during challenging times, or they can make you laugh when you’re sad.

Have your friends come over to your place with a list of quotes or notes already prepared. Make sure you have your supplies: picture frames, chicken wire and wire cutters, along with a stapler and any drawing supplies you’d like to use. Have everyone draw out their quote and then arrange on the chicken wire inside the frame as artfully as you’d like. When you find yourself needing encouragement, you’ll have to look no farther than your newly made board.

Chalkboard Cheese Stone


Ever wished you could have a centerpiece for your table that could work during any season for any party? Making yourself a chalkboard cheese stone could be the answer to your problems. Just get yourself a slate tile of your choosing and some chalkboard paint from your local store. Apply at least two layers of the paint in order to get the best coverage, and let dry completely.

When you’re done, you’ll have a centerpiece that can be used for cutting cheese, displaying candles or holding condiments and napkins for a big dinner party. You can write or draw whatever you want on it as well, without having to worry about not being able to personalize it for your next big event.

Make Some Jewelry

Making jewelry with your best friends is an activity that spans decades, so it doesn’t have to belong to childhood sleepovers back in the day. It’s easy to make classy jewelry at home without having to breakout the friendship bracelet string.

When you’re going to make jewelry, it’s important to know exactly what you need before you start your project, since each kind of jewelry design requires different tools. Do you know the difference between wire and round nose pliers? Learn everything you can about your preferred design before you start, and make sure your friends know how to use their tools as well.

Yarn-Wrapped Painted Jars

Looking for something cozy to light up the room while you’re trying to relax for the night? Warm up under a blanket next to some candle-lit homemade jars. Everyone should get their own clean jar and wrap yarn around it in whatever design they like. Then spray paint over the yarn—everyone can choose their own color!

After it’s dried completely, remove the yarn carefully and place a candle inside. When it’s lit, you’ll get a dreamy glowing effect from the jar, and it’ll add a nice decorative touch to any room, both inside and out.

Dyed Frosted Tumblers


Everyone should have something nice to hold their favorite drink in when they want to unwind at the end of the day, so this craft is a must. Everyone should get one tumbler and some painters tape. Tape over whatever you don’t want painted, and then apply frost glass paint where you’d like. Make sure to wait at least two hours before applying a second coat, and let dry overnight before taking off the tape.

This is a great craft to do the day before an event, like a party or a wedding. The glasses can be designed to celebrate whatever you’d like, and it’s a great way to de-stress from whatever you’re currently overwhelmed with in your work or personal life.

Doing a craft with your friends is a great way to spend time together and have some fun. The crafts will be able to go home with everyone and remind them of what a great time you had together. Who knows, you might discover a new passion or two while trying out projects! Start a craft together instead of going out to the same restaurants next time someone suggests you all hang out. You’ll make memories that’ll last a lifetime—and maybe some crafts too!


  1. Great projects! The Dyed Frosted Tumblers are super cool!

  2. Hey Kristen, great post.

    I love those Dyed Frosted Tumblers … I can see myself enjoying a delicious “caipirinha” cocktail in those but I can’t see myself painting 200 plus of these for a wedding 🙂 …

    If my wife see this … she will make me do it for her 100%

    Really nice!
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