DIY Dollar Store Halloween Wreath

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I am so excited to be part of a fun Halloween Wreath Blog Hop (check below to see their awesome ideas) with some of my blogging buddies and share my new wreath, but even more excited because I am in love with how my dollar store wreath turned out!  I’ll be totally honest and give you some back story on this one…and let me tell you, I was a bit worried when I started it.


My BFF Melissa from The Happier Homemaker invited me to join in on this blog hop last Thursday afternoon.  I happened to be at my kid’s school dealing with PTO responsibilities, but I excitedly signed on because that’s what I do.

Get excited and get ahead of myself thinking that I can take on every darn thing that crosses my path.

Did I mention that I had both my mother and my mother in law in town at the time?  And that fall sports have started and that we are racking up five days a week (doubling up with two sports on Saturdays!)?  Nope…must have slipped my mind.

So to make a long story short long, when I realized that I was running out of time and had no clever or creative ideas, I decided to just head to the dollar store and wing it.  Sink or swim sort of moment.  Thankfully my dollar store still had a large selection of Halloween decorations (they usually sell out pretty fast), so I grabbed a handful of items and figured that one way or another I would make a wreath out of them.  I was determined.

And I have got to say, it is one of my favorite DIY wreaths to date!



6 black feather boas

1 bunch of faux purple roses

2 bunches of orange foliage

1 bunch of white flowers

1 sparkly skull

18″ wreath form

hot glue and floral wire


I started by hot gluing the ends of each boa onto the wreath form (the floral forms don’t melt from the glue like the styrofoam ones do) and wrapped it around.  Six boas fit perfectly onto the form and completely covered it.  I wrapped them loosely, just enough to make sure that there was no green peaking through.  Glue each end and then start the next boa until the entire wreath is covered.

Using wire cutters, I snipped the ends off of each bunch of orange foliage so that I could angle it and not have the ends hang off the sides.  I knew that I would need to wrap floral wire around these to keep them in place.  If I glued them onto the boas, the feathers would simply pull off.  I wrapped the wire around the foliage and wreath form a couple of times and then stuck the ends into the wreath.


Then I snipped each flower about two inches from the bud so that I could glue the “stem” and stick it into the wreath form.

Last but not least, I added a fun little sparkly skull that I found at the dollar store.  Even better…it lights up!  I didn’t even know that until I was adding it to the wreath.  I stuck a toothpick in under his chin to help hold him up, but it is totally hidden.  I would suggest doing the same so that you don’t pull on the boas.  They are a bit more delicate than what I am used to working with when it comes to wreaths.


So grand total was less than $12 from start to finish, which included my wreath form that I bought at Hobby Lobby.  The dollar store actually did have some, but they weren’t large enough for the look I wanted.


I am loving this wreath and am planning to try all kinds of ideas with feather boas now.  Who knew that one random trip to the dollar store with the mothers in tow could produce such a cute, spur of the moment wreath?


And now check out all of my creative friends amazing ideas as well!  I can almost guarantee that you will be inspired to create a new Halloween wreath today!



  1. I LOVE this wreath! Im going to steal your idea for our fireplace!!!!
    Jacque recently posted…DIY Monsters, Inc. Inspired Halloween WreathMy Profile

  2. Love how you used the feather boas….what a creative idea!! Love your website!


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