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Living Room Design

When my hubby and I broke down and decided to put a TV in our living room about a year ago we started talking about buying some comfortable couches.  The couches we had worked well enough (they were hand me downs from my parents!), but if we were having a binge session nobody was comfortable.  We wanted to make a super cozy and welcoming space that we would all want to hang out in and just spend … [Read more...]

Apfelkuchen (German Apple Cake)

Apfel (apple) kuchen (cake) A few years ago my hubby and I went on a dream vacation through Europe.  We spent most of our time in Germany and we just fell madly in love with the country.  The land, the people, the food and most definitely the beer are all just incredible.  We wanted to get a real feel of the area so we rented a car and drove through the majority of the country, staying at … [Read more...]

My Perfect Bag

Just over a month ago I applied for a brand ambassadorship.  One that I was so determined that I wouldn't get that I didn't even mention it to my husband because I didn't want to admit the rejection that I knew would follow.  An ambassadorship that excited me beyond words because it was for a company that I stand behind 100%.  I applied an hour before the cutoff so I could tell myself that I … [Read more...]

Quickest and Easiest DIY Fall Urn

I'm wondering if you are like me and the insanity that is known as fall has kicked into full gear for you???  Between school, sports, traveling and the upcoming holidays our calendar is jam packed and it has been nearly impossible to find time to decorate my house for the fall.  I hope that you got a chance to see my fall tour...I am still just oohing and aahing over those shelves!...but this … [Read more...]