Gift Filled Ornaments – Perfect for Classmates!

My oldest daughter is ten years old and officially a tween.  She loves her friends fiercely and pushes hard at every opportunity to make sure that they know that.  It is one of those qualities that I can truly appreciate as a grown woman...why can't we all be like that?!  So in the spirit of helping her change the world one friendship at a time, I helped her whip up some easy, inexpensive gifts … [Read more...]

DIY Faux Fur Christmas Trees Made on the Cheap!

It's no secret around here that I love me some faux fur, so while I was digging out my Christmas decorations and came upon my fur wreath that I made last year, I knew that I needed to add some more into my decor!  Luckily for me, I adored the way that the wreath turned out, so I decided to basically copy my own idea and made these gorgeous faux fur wreath Christmas trees on the … [Read more...]

Why we stopped giving our kids Christmas presents

Okay, that title makes it sound so much more doom and gloom than it is in my house.  I guess that if truth be told, we do still give gifts, they just aren't the traditional Christmas gifts.  Here is the story of the shift in our home and why we chose to  buck the system: After many years of toy accumulation, my husband and I were constantly overwhelmed by the amount of "stuff" that our … [Read more...]

Repurposed Coffee Bar

One of my favorite things about being a military wife is having the crazy accurate ability to guess what year something happened by picturing the house/state that we lived in at the time.  It's a crazy gift, but ask almost any military wife and she will be able to do the same thing.  And that is exactly how I remembered how old the table that I repurposed to become our new coffee bar is. My … [Read more...]

How we Made a Built in Granite Bench for FREE!

Hopefully you were just as enamored with my closet as I am and aren't getting sick of hearing about it.  But just in case you are, this will be my last post on the big dream closet makeover.  In case you missed any of it, you can take a peek at the before photos and plan, the in progress shots, my Pottery Barn Jewelry Cloche knockoff and the big reveal.  But for now I want to share with you how we … [Read more...]

My Big Dream Master Closet Reveal!!!

Yay, I am so excited to be sharing my big dream master closet reveal with you today!!!  SOOOO excited!!!!!!  This project has been a long time in the works, and while it didn't take too long to complete, it was a totally different project than I had originally planned on tackling at the time.  So let's dig right into the before and after shots and I'll break down some of our choices and how we … [Read more...]

DIY Pottery Barn Knockoff Jewelry Cloche

While looking for decor ideas for my dream closet I came across a gorgeous jewelry cloche in the Pottery Barn catalog.  I was instantly enamored and ready to add it to my shopping list until I noticed the price tag.  Because if I am totally honest, the "closet on a budget" plan that I created a few weeks ago has become a budget busting build.  In a really incredible way of course, but I knew that … [Read more...]

Dream Master Closet Part 2

Oooh, I am so overjoyed to see my ideas coming to life in the making of my dream master closet.  (In case you missed it last week, I shared my frightening "before" photos and my overall plan here.)  After emptying the closet out, which as you can guess took quite some time, my hubby and I got right to work! First thing first, I painted the room with a neutral beige-ish color that I knew I … [Read more...]

Dream Master Closet Part 1

Eeeekkk!!!!  I'm at it again.  Time to take a room in my home that has been just barely working for me and making me absolutely crazy since we moved in and turn it into my dream space.  If you've been following awhile you may have seen my laundry room makeover, and now I'm ready to tackle the master closet.  Having lived in a home for no longer than two years at a time for my entire life, I still … [Read more...]

Mid Century Modern Dresser Makeover

A cautionary tale: Mid Century Modern Dresser Makeover My kiddos are hard on furniture.  They don't go out of their way to destroy things, but at the same time I never expect anything to last for that long in their use.  Dressers seem to take the brunt of the abuse since my kids don't hang their clothes yet.  Every clothing item is crammed into their dresser drawers and they are constantly … [Read more...]

Dollar Store Mobile Homework Station

Back to school generally causes me to feel the need to re-organize a bit to try to overcome our summer laziness and get back into the swing of things.  My kiddos have been back in school for a month now, but I still feel like I am playing catch up a bit just to stay on our toes.  Three kids, three different grades and three sets of homework to complete every day can be overwhelming.  This dollar … [Read more...]

Our Family Command Center

Eeeek, my kiddos are already back in school!  Summer is officially over in my house and that means that we are back to a full time, out of control, bananas schedule for each and every one of us.  With sports and work trips, meetings and playdates...before I know it I am lost in a sea of Post It notes that I have left myself to help me try to remember everything.  And if I am honest, I usually fail … [Read more...]