My $5 Tieks Hack

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In my last post, I shared my true and honest feelings about my Tieks and whether or not I felt like they are worth $200.  I also promised that I would be sharing the hack on how I made my pair work better for me.  Thankfully after dropping big bucks on the shoes, the hack is totally affordable and takes just a couple of minutes.

tieks toe hack

It’s been well documented that some people feel like their toes stick out too much and are too noticeable while wearing Tieks, and I could not have agreed more!  Here is what my tootsies looked like before my hack:

tieks toe hack

It made me crazy.  Especially after I’ve had a couple of keyboard warriors say horrible things about my apparently hideous feet after I shared this post.  There is nothing like baring your “sole” (ahahahahaha…do you see what I did there?!) and having people berate you about the most inane things.  Ugh.  If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing!  Anyhoo, after that I felt like hiding my toes a bit more.

tieks toe hack

There are tons of quick and easy hacks for Tieks on the web, but this one seemed to be exactly what I needed…adding moleskin to the toe box.  It is done to both hide the toes a bit and to also help protect the toe of the shoe from being worn through.

tieks toe hack

I just grabbed a package of moleskin from the drugstore, held a piece up to the toe and cut it to be the same size/shape of the shoe.  My moleskin was self adhesive, so I was able to remove the backing and stick it right onto the top inner portion for the toe.  It could not have been easier, but it made a really noticeable difference.

tieks toe hack

It’s a little frustrating to feel like you have to improve a pair of expensive shoes, but this one is totally worth it.  If you’ve got a pair of Tieks (or any shoes that you feel your toes are sticking out on), give this a try.

tieks toe hack


  1. Your toes are *fine*!!!! For goodness sakes’ people- get a life that doesn’t revolve around putting other people down.


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