Archives for September 5, 2017

Pumpkin Spice Energy Bites

It is officially September and you know what that means.....Pumpkin Spice everything!!!!  And to kick it off, I am sharing a super easy recipe for pumpkin spice energy bites.  These babies are such a great snack at any time, but I love to grab them for a quick breakfast on my way out the door or as a pre-workout nosh. You can pick pumpkin spice up at the grocery store or you can make your … [Read more...]

Make Your own Pumpkin Spice!

We all know that come fall Pumpkin Spice rules the world!  But did you know that it would take you just a minute to whip up your own batch of the spice to use however (and most importantly, whenever!) you want?! Chances are good that you have all of the ingredients needed to make your own magical spice already waiting for you in your kitchen, so let's get straight to it! Make Your own … [Read more...]