Beer Candied Bacon


If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Oh man, there are no words to describe the amazing awesome-ness of this recipe other than to say it is BEER CANDIED BACON!  Do I need to say more?! Okay, if you read my last post you’ll know that I […]

How to Host a Football Party for Grown Men


Ahh, football season.  My absolute favorite time of the year.  With the starting of the season also comes a very important day for some… Fantasy Football Draft Day! I know that it may seem silly, but grown men (and a few women) will spend months working on their potential lineup, agonizing over whether a certain […]

Homemade Drain Cleaner {totally green and safe}


With four bathrooms and a very overworked kitchen in my home, drains have a tendency to become clogged. Maybe a bit quicker than I would like, or can keep up with, if I am being honest. Between kids shoving stickers and small pieces of papers down (please tell me I’m not alone in that!), crazy […]

Dorm Decor 101 {with Royal Design Studio}


I’ve got a thing against empty wall space.  I don’t like clutter, but an empty wall just seems like a lost opportunity for adding some personal flair.  Because we are a military family we move often though, and the need for flair that can be uprooted along with our family is necessary all too often. […]

Blogger Round Robin and my Twist on the Best Oreo Dirt Cake Ever!


I am super lucky to have some incredibly talented friends.  Friends whose projects and recipes can be seen all over Pinterest and inspire countless people to recreate them.  And I am one of those people. Long before I knew Melissa at the Happier Homemaker, way before she became my real life BFF, I had pinned […]

Cane Back Chair Redo


On a recent rainy day, I got annoyed with the layout of my living room and completely rearranged the furniture.   I have an odd shaped room and it gives me fits every six months or so when I realize that I’m still not in love with the look that I have happening.  After some huffing and […]

Easiest Ever Homemade Granite Cleaner


I have had a super busy couple of weeks and sometimes I just need a project that falls together with basically no effort whatsoever.  Kind of a “gimme,” but still a project that will actually help me accomplish something.  This easiest ever homemade granite cleaner was exactly what I needed.  It was ridiculously quick to pour […]

Make Your Own Completely Free & Totally Customizable “All About Me” Back to School Sign


“All About me” Back to School Sign Each and every summer I promise myself that I will be that mother who has it all together.  You know the one.  The perfectly dressed children, with clean faces and hair.  The matching backpack and school supplies all neatly labeled and organized.  Beautiful back to school photos showing beaming […]

Inspiration Exchange Monthly Link Party


I am super duper excited to be guest hosting the Inspiration Exchange Link Party this week!  Beyond the thrill of being invited, I am amped up to see what you all have been creating this week.  Nothing inspires me more than being around other creative people, and that is just one of the many reasons […]

Homemade Frozen Play Dough


Homemade Frozen Play Dough Aah, Frozen.  Never has a movie come along that has so excited my daughters.  We live to the soundtrack, have the movie on a constant loop in our DVD player and even take photo shoots like this: But of course we needed MORE!  So last weekend the girls and I whipped […]